Wednesday 30 September 2015


Returning home from a two centre holiday in Italy to 500 emails and a ton of letters makes me question the wisdom of my every day activities at home. I don't question the wisdom of taking time out ... far from it. It is a necessity for the soul. However I do question the wisdom of what it is that have filled my days when I am at home.

Writing is what I want to do... and yes writing a blog is satisfying. Writing a poem is exciting and writing books is... well what can I say... how about... fulfilling! So as writing emails isn't what I want to concentrate on, I am going to set aside time to write... books. Not just one or two but a whole stack full. The muse is on me... her name is Sophia, the goddess of wisdom!
Villa...Lake Como

"Filling a day" is not the same as a fulfilling day. Here are some photographic memories of fulfilling days spent on Lake Como, Sorrento and Capri... and a few words expressing the joy and the pleasure of lemon scented days in the sun...

Rant over... apart from a few words.

"In the nutritious lava soil... oranges and grapefruits grow,
lemons and limes share the air
with the fragrances of pettigrain, neroli and citronella.
And wherever we go, we breathe deeply...
Our senses were delighted, our tastes buds were excited
The bright yellow sunshine warmed our hearts, as well as our bodies
The reflected light in the lemons charged our cells
And the astounding scents thrilled our souls 
View of Sorrento from Balcony
We breathed with a zest for living
We walked with a spring in our step
We lived with a peace within...
Staying briefly, within this garden... we also grow
Namaste Sorrento"
Champagne welcome on Balcony
View from Anacapri
   So as the title of this blog is Wisdom ... I am putting into  practice here on the west coast of Scotland, what I experienced on the west coast of Italy. I am setting aside time every day to ponder, writing every day, learning Italian everyday and remembering everyday the wonderful sight, sounds and aromas of the Almalfi coast...
I Faraglioni Rock Formation, Capri

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