Friday 11 March 2016

Missing You!

Have you missed me? It has been a while since I communicated through the blog. I have not been writing the blog as circumstances have curtailed my moments at the computer and if I am absolutely honest... which as you know, I love to be... the subject matter, that we "writers" call the muse, has been missing.

So here I am sharing the fact that yes, I have missed you.
Missed, writing my thoughts in a form that clears my head.
Missed, thinking of who the reader might be that ponders my words.
Missed, having time to construct a communication that has meaning to me and in turn hopefully, has meaning for you.

I am writing this blog to all the friends that I have neglected over the past months and even years while I became absorbed in my own story. You may even find a card or letter popping through your letter box as I reach out to tell you that I am missing you...

Take this as the first of many methods of connecting with the world at large. We need to connect. However we need to connect in a loving and generous way. A connection that satisfies the soul and not the ego. I know that the ego can be a good friend, but I am looking to connect with my soul family not the millions of egotists that so many of us turn out to be. And I am including myself in that group, folks!

The following is a poem that I wrote many years ago when I was struggling to connect on a soul level with anyone. Perhaps it resonates with you or maybe it doesn't, however just less than 20 years ago I realised that something was missing in my physiotherapy practice and the answer was being there for you, however I also had to be the being, who is here for me...

Searching for answers
There is only one question requiring an answer.
Only one answer that justifies our existence.
All I need to know is that I am here for you.
Are you here for me?

Researching the Problems
How do you measure Grief?
Only by its presence… heal my pain.
How do you measure Love?
Only by its absence… feel my need.
How do you measure Joy?
Only by its presence… share my delight.
How do you measure Freedom?
Only by its absence… release my chains.
How do you measure Life?
Only by existence… be with me.
                                                By Eileen Auld 1998

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