Saturday 10 September 2016

Departure from Canada - Arrival in Largs.

View of Green Lake from the ground.
Green Lake from above.
Well, we're back home! Our six weeks stay in Canada was a joyous time. The geography of the place is stunning. Snow capped mountains overlooking glacier fed lakes and trees as far as the eye can see!

We were based around an area of Whistler that is appropriately called the Green Lake. We took a flight with a local company, Harbour Air, over the lake down to Vancouver, so managed to see our base from a totally different angle. The photo below is the plane we were flying in! As you can see, not quite a Jumbo Jet.

... below the plane photo is the spectacular view of the Howe Sound where the town of Squamish nestles by the mouth of the Squamish river. This was an important strategic spot for the Squamish nation in years gone by, as they could control the traffic on the river as it flowed out to the local islands dotted along the BC coast line.

Squamish is one of the necessary weekly shopping destinations for nappies/diapers and such like. Walmart gets everywhere...  and we are very grateful that they do. So basically Squamish is still strategically situated!

Lodge Bedroom

Due to circumstances we stayed in six different locations over the six weeks, so returning to our own bed was very welcome. As Goldilocks says..."It was just right".

However we did enjoy some fabulous accommodation while away, ranging from a lodge to hotel rooms to a studio flat!

We also hired cars, went on local buses and even travelled on a Greyhound bus on a return trip from Vancouver to Whistler.

Didn't manage to fit in a train journey. Maybe next time...

and of course there was also Shank's pony - lots of walking!
Lodge lounge and kitchen
Hotel bedroom complete with kitchen

 We were well looked after. There is a sense of community in Whistler where everyone seems to know everyone else.

The Canadians we met were such a friendly, welcoming bunch.

However it wasn't just the Canadians who welcomed us... so did the Irish.
Thank you Cian for the use of your bedroom for 3 weeks.

Also the Australians. Thank you Joanne for your banter, friendship and support.
Also the Kiwis. Thanks Sam for driving us to Vancouver... it was much appreciated. You even made driving across the city seem relaxing.

... and last but by no means least, the Scottish contingent. Thank you Lianne and Gordon for having us around at your most miraculous of times and for producing the miracle that is Murphy. Who cares where you sleep when you get to spend time with Murphy Auld and his ludicrously happy parents. We felt truly privileged to share in Murphy's arrival.


Many of the photos tell their tale of our Canada adventure and obviously the arrival of Murphy was the icing on the cake.

 And talking about cake, below is a pudding selection we enjoyed when "fine dining". Did I mention the food?
There is not just an abundance of every kind of produce, the Canadians do like their cake...

It you are ever in the Whistler area you must check out the shop called "Pure Bread". In fact just give me a bell and I will list all my recommendations...
Dessert Sir?

Silly Grandpa

The dessert seems to have gone to Grandpa's head! and Murphy is somewhat perplexed by his behaviour as was I.

Much more entertaining is Foxy. Murphy loves his Foxy and it shows. Friendship Canadian style. Just wait 'til he sees his first bear. I mean a real bear, not his cuddle toy.

There are bears all around Whistler. We even caught a glimpse of one on our last night. Now that is what I call exciting night life...

"Foxy watching over me"

Gordon holding his two precious Murphys!
Ooh Ah...

Vancouver - Goodbye Canada
 Now that we are back home there are even more changes in the offing. A new hip joint for Andy and a new "joint"/ house for us. Yep, we are on the move. Living peripitetically for six weeks with the minimum of clothing and limited space has shown us that down sizing can be an adventure. I will confirm that statement at a later date. Possibly October but could well be nearer the January 2017 mark.

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  1. Lovely photos. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)