Sunday 2 April 2017

Before ... and After.

Kitchen side -before
What a caption! Before and after piccies don't do justice to the three months of clearing, deconstruction and reconstruction that has been going on. Mega thanks to all the tradesmen involved in our new home's transformation. They were not just "on-site workers"... they also added their ideas to what needed to be done!
Lounge side - before

Grazie mille Gerry, John and Ross, Grant and Gordon. I can recommend everyone of them. Oh, and I mustn't forget the painter, Andy Auld. Amazing to think that retirement released the painter in you!

Kitchen side - after

Lounge - after

Yep... I know. Hard to believe it is the same space. We are so enjoying the transformation of our new home. We are now ready for visitors. Just tell us when you will be dropping by...

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  1. It looks lovely...much brighter and spacious. Hope to see it in person sometime soon! :)