Sunday 8 July 2018

Strange but true

I have had quite a strange week.

It started on Sunday, with me taking my usual daily barefoot stroll. By now I am able to add walking to the famous Largs monument, The Pencil to my exercise regime. This means I have increased my walking stamina to over the 10,000 steps recommended by the British Heart Foundation... not all barefoot I must point out!

 Then Monday I made my usual monthly call to Inverclyde Hospital to find out if there was any news regarding my knee operation. The very nice secretary, Helen, was sorry but it looked like the earliest it would be scheduled for, was September...

Getting used to this conversation doesn't make it any better, but hey ho, on with my week.

Tuesday morning I get back home having visited a pal for a catch up and lo and behold the ansa fone message was to phone Inverclyde asap! and I did. Helen then gave me the great news that my new knee joint operation was scheduled for the 9th August and could I attend for my pre-op assessment the next day.

 Talk about joyous. Many of you will have received my Woohoo text as "at last" was ringing in my ears.

So yes, it was strange that one day I was being told September and the next day I was being told August, however that isn't is the strangest part.

Wednesday saw me attending my pre-op and I got thoroughly checked from top to toe. Then met with my new consultant, Mr Bennet, as my previous surgeon isn't back at full time workload.

Mr Bennet explained the operation in graphic details and then dropped in the unexpected news/bomb-shell that because I had recovered so well, he was reluctant to operate. He recommended that we agree to cancel the operation, although I obviously have to give it some thought.

 "It is quite remarkable" he said, while perusing my X-rays.
It would appear that getting better isn't the normal situation to my condition. I mentioned that I use arnica and had he heard of groundology...

Mr Bennet smiled, raised his hand to interrupt my flow.
" I am a paid up sceptic" he said, "but whatever you are doing, keep doing it".

So here I am with a quandary... and who knew that by working at getting better, I was going to change my options so dramatically, although I do realise it is for the better.

The rollercoaster ride of the joy of Tuesday, the shock of Wednesday (and it was a big shock folks) has settled into being in awe of the body's healing powers and excited about what else is possible.

Not quite sure what is going to happen now, but I intend to challenge my knee over the next week and see if it continues on its improvement trajectory... and if so, I will take Mr. Bennet's advice and cancel my operation and be grateful that I was given the intervening 9 months to change the state of my knee joint and my mental attitude...
even Buddha is cheering!

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  1. Ah..the power of self. Really no surprise ...eileen and positivity xxx