Thursday 22 November 2018

Journey and/or Destination

I have been fortunate over the years to have had great teachers. At school, I had English teachers, maths teachers, science teachers; enthusiasts who loved their subjects and passed on that enthusiasm and love to me.

Also, I have had amazing teachers in the form of experiences. Some have been painful, some have been joyful but all have been educational. It is often referred to as the school of life!

Recently there have been teachers again in "human form" ... reassuringly human, who have used their experiences to enhance mine. People, you want to hang out with. Authors, you want to read again and again. Colleagues, who spend time with you, understanding the gift of just being present .

How much more can you ask of any kind of journey but to spend time with guides who are described in the picture above. Fellow travellers who direct your gaze towards what is possible and let you choose the rest.

 Michael Neill is one such guide. Please check out his books, his workshops, his YouTube videos and get some insight to where your journey is heading.

Michael's blog is entitled "Caffeine for the Soul  - where humanity and divinity collide". For me, the title describes my perfect journey and ...  destination.

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