Saturday 22 April 2023

a trip down memory lane... and taking the ferry!

 We went abroad folks! Took a family holiday and took the ferry to Arran...

wind-swept and interesting

I know ... how lucky are we! We actually managed to get on a ferry.

Kenneth booked a fabulous house in Brodick that managed accommodate himself and his partner Natalie; Gordon, Murphy and Rosie; Andy and myself and even an overnight visit (or two) from Andy's sister Chrissie and an overnighter from Andy's brother Robin. 

Great fun was had by all... apart from a ferry cancellation that resulted in Chrissie staying an extra night. However we all agreed that that was an added bonus to our fun.

We enjoyed a lunch out at the Wineport. Good food and even managed a family game of charades... Well we did have the whole backroom to ourselves ...

 Football in the garden was a frequent occupation, even in the rain. Yes surprisingly, it did rain. but most of the time the sun shone...



Proof of sunny days as there was lots of entertainment for adults and children to be had by playing crazy golf,  swimming in the pool at Auchrannie and a trip to Blackwaterfoot to jump the waves. Well the last one was the children. I am not quite up to jumping the waves... yet!

My mother-in-law used to hire a house in Lamlash for two weeks every August and various members of the extended family visited, including ourseves, especially when our boys were young. Weather was the usual variable Scottish offering but the fun always included golf... crazy or otherwise!

As I wrote in the blog's title,  this visit was a trip down memory lane as the ferry we were lucky to travel with then, was the same one we went on this April ... 


 "Deja-vu"  - The same ferry to Arran...  just different weather conditions, photo starring Andy, Kenneth and Gordon on the Isle of Arran ferry, circa 1980s

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