Tuesday 26 March 2024

Let's open our hearts...

This month the Power of Eight's Intention was ...

             "Let's open our hearts wide sending peace and healing energy to all"

This much?

I am certain that the intention would be apt for any and every month, such is the way of the world just now. However I was very grateful to pause every day for 10mins and focus on the intention. No matter how anxious I was, the brief respite from the surrounding doom and gloom was/is very welcome.

In last month's blog, I hinted that another, wise quote or even an inspirational mantra would be included in my monthly update blog, of how things are going in the world of Eileen et al.

And sure enough, here we go 

First of all, I treated myself to a new daily reading book at the beginning of the year.

This was something I used to do every year. It gave me focus at the beginging of the day. A subject to meditate on, or some inspiration to carry me through the day ahead.

I know that some of you, who know how many books I have gathered, will be thinking "another book"! but rest assured folks, this book was meant for me... it was even on the reduced shelf.

Stoicism is a much misunderstood philosphy. Marcus Aurelius, Roman emperor, who I often quote, recommended it as a philosophy to live by.

The philosophy asserts that living by the four cardinal virtues of self-control, courage, justice and wisdom, is happiness and it is our perception of things rather than things themselves that cause most of our troubles!

There are many famous American advocates of Stoicism. Such as George Washington, Walt Whitman. Theodore Roosevelt, Ralph Waldo Emerson. All great men who like Marcus Aurelius, pondered on the big question "what is the best way to live?"

My husband wasn't a famous American author, philosopher or statesman. Or an ancient Roman politician or Greek writer... but he was a stoic. He lived his best life because he followed the cardinal virtues. His life was one of service, not as a duty but as a privilege. 

And I am sure this book was his gift to me. 

Especially, when I fell foul of a virus that floored me. Leading to a chest infection, conjunctivitis and  more recently blepheritis! Yep I hadn't heard of it either. Since the beginning of March until this week I have been beset by one thing after another and have had to use every tool available to me to stay strong, focus on getting better and make myself rise above and beyond the dark thoughts and stressful thinking.

I had a daily reading to inspire me, an evening meditation of peace and healing to focus on... and a picture of Rosie opening her arms wide as we explored Seamill beach looking for shells. Each and every one a miracle in itself.

That's where I find joy, walking along the beach and opening my arms and heart to finding peace and healing and being able in that moment to share peace and healing with all.

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