Wednesday 26 October 2011


So many people discuss yoga in terms of what type do you "do" or what type do you teach. It has become my mission to share the information that yoga and its practice, is who you are not what you do. The ancient sages knew a thing or two and put the essential premise of yoga into a single phrase of "Know thyself!" and the additional sentence of "To thyself be true"... however if you don't know yourself how can you be true to yourself! 'tis a challenge! The magazine "Psychologies" has an article about which type of yoga suits you ... and I can only say that this is typical of the western mind to categorise everything including yoga. This is especially a redundant way of thinking as the meaning of yoga in the original sanskrit language is UNION. So let's unite in the practice of yoga and enjoy Living It Yoga wherever we find ourselves and whoever we find ourselves with...
Why not connect with this skyline and get an understanding of what a sense of oneness can be...
Om Shanti

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