Wednesday 8 October 2014


View from San Gimignano
How many times do we set off on a journey and wonder how it will all work out? Not knowing the terrain or the road ahead. Then afterwords there is the sense of wonder when the plan comes together and you look back in amazement at the completeness of how the event itself came "all - together".

This is certainly how I felt recently as I marvelled at how the various strands of togetherness combined in a fusion of joy, namely our September Living It Yoga week.

Villa Brignole, Monteaperti
The story started last year when I took the initial bookings for the annual spring yoga week in Italy. Kenneth, elder son, and I had found the most amazing venue in Tuscany,Villa Brignole, Monteaperti and I had decided to book not just one week in April but a second week around my birthday time in September, reasoning that I always spend my birthday in Italy so why not make it a Living It Yoga week!!!

The logistics for the April week involved 3 drivers for a total of 9 people... however for September's week we only had Andy, my husband, and myself as drivers, so this meant hiring a 5 seater car and a Galazy 7 seater as we had 9 attendees and Andy and I made 11 people altogether. I just loved driving the 7 seater... yep I got the big car!

The September week was to prove a logistic challenge not just regarding driving and transport but the various attendees booking on the week were in flux. One minute we had a full complement then we had a cancellation or two... then another three interested. More appartments booked to accommodate increased numbers and then another cancellation... and so on and so forth. Then of course there was Mr Ryanair mixing it with flight time changes to Pisa!  All in all, it was an example of using the "living it yoga" approach to life to let trust come in, and that all would be well.

The week was full on with the day begining at 7.30am with a meditation followed by a morning hatha stretch before breakfast... various excursions organised, dinners in and out, hatha classes and deep relaxation techniques as well as a flexible approach to time. In fact I even slept in one morning and was late for my own meditation class! now that is being really relaxed...

Needless to say we had a ball, visiting many favourite towns, cities and places of interest... including a restaurant or two. Once the week was over I stayed behind to enjoy some more fun filled days with my pal, Anne who joined me and together we explored more places in Tuscany, such as Cortona and Arezzo and enjoyed being very, very lost while doing so. The secret to enjoying being lost is to know that you are where you are supposed to be and who you are supposed to be with. It's a great metaphor for life...

The yoga week was to be my swan song. The intention now is to find our own personal place in Italy that we can escape to and invite other like-minded escapees to share a journey or two together.

Complete with speed limit!
Whatever the road ahead... whether it looks easy or difficult, whether straight and narrow, whether clear or obscure or fills you with awe at the endless possibilities... it is worth looking back and seeing where you have come from. It's good to reflect on all those other journeys that brought you to the here and now. It's essential to notice how everything was working together and to trust that it will continue to do so until you reach your journey's end.
Life's a journey... enjoy!

Grazie mille mie amiche! September 2014

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