Monday 1 December 2014


It's an interesting time of the year when we still think about a harvest season, although many of us have no understanding of the land and its' bounty. Even working in any form of garden is probably getting more and more unfamiliar as we are fast becoming city dwellers.

Giving thanks is part and parcel of many of our upbringings when writing thank you notes after Christmas kept many a child away from playing with their toys! Thanksgiving is so much more than the token thank you... it's a heart felt expression of gratitude to Mother Earth for another year's crop that would not only feed the farmer and his family but would produce an abundance that was able to be shared by all. We call it a cornucopia ... and know that the word signifies that all our needs will be met.

There is also a harvest season in people's businesses and personal lives when the seeds that were planted many years ago reach fruition. Everyone needs to celebrate their annual harvest with a harvest thanksgiving... looking back at the previous year and celebrating what the year has brought.

What will you be grateful for this year? What is your offering of abundance? we all have our own individual cornucopia... so let's get this party started and share!

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