Monday 4 July 2016

Summer Sensations

I wrote the poem below nearly 20 years ago. Not much has changed throughout that time. I know that there is much discussion about Global Warming, however I think whatever is changing is gradual and will happen over much more than decades... as not much has changed over the nearly 2 decades since I penned this ode!

How is July 2016 working out for you? 

Answers on a postcard please...


 Summer Sensations

Sun sizzling, blue skies, cotton clouds, fresh air
Heart skipping, unbridled pleasure, brown skin, bleached hair
Bright eyes, contented sighs, summer shorts, flopping sandals
Hanging baskets, sandy beaches, surfing waves, citronella candles
Bar-BQ weather, country rambles, garden parties
… Mediterranean fayre.

Rain drizzling, grey skies, heavy clouds, dank air
Constant dripping, relentless gloom, sallow skin, lank hair
Dark eyes, depressed sighs, winter woolies, sopping wellies
Deepening puddles, stinging hail, welcoming pubs, beer bellies
“Greenock weather”, Arran midges, Oban smirr
… The Glasgow Fair!

Let’s enjoy ourselves whatever the weather! 
Eileen Auld 1998


These photos were taken on the island of Mauritius in 2013 when Andy and I were there on holiday.

The first photo is the typical idyllic tropical island scene, with the rolling surf beyond the protecting reef.

Andy and Kenneth exploring the reef

The second shows my husband Andy and son Kenneth exploring the reef on a less idyllic day...

And then the cyclone decides to visit the island. Andy and I are "enjoying" the weather. 

Andy says: "It is just like Largs promenade on a summer's day!"

Blowing in the wind!

Eventually, the weather really closes in and the reef gets hidden in the mist and the island battens down its hatches for the storm ahead...

  The message learned ... let's enjoy ourselves  whatever the weather.

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