Monday 18 July 2016

In the pink!

Andy and I recently attended a most wonderful wedding,
 held in a converted barn, in the vicinity of Cambridgeshire... a long, long way away from the Largs coast.

Finding an outfit for the wedding in a converted barn proved to be problematical for me. I wanted an outfit I could wear again with my usual request of being comfortable.

As you can see in the photo. I am in the pink and what is wonderful is that a friend of mine, Beryl Shaw, took the role of personal dresser and found the perfect outfit for me.

We went shopping after a Ladies Lunch event at The Blythswood Hotel and the very first dress she picked up was tried on ... fitted ... and bought within the space of 30 minutes.

I had been looking for 4 weeks for such an outfit and the best bit was that it came with a 50% off.

Moral of the story... shop with a good friend, always. If anyone wants Beryl's contact details, I can pass them on!

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