Wednesday 3 August 2016

Safe arrival - part one

Well here we are again, in a beautiful part of Canada. We are visiting our younger son Gordon and his partner Lianne, who are expecting their first child... imminently!

We visited them two years ago in Whistler as they now live and work in this part of the world. It is a truly fabulous part of Canada, with its summer sports of golfing, sailing and mountain biking and winter sports of ski-ing, skating and all round snow activities.

View from Lianne and Gordon's apartment
We enjoyed a great flight to Vancouver, with just a small hiccup picking up car then a smooth ride to Whistler. Weather is grand... as in sunny and high 20s! Whistler is as we remember it. Beautiful and full of the beautiful people.

The photo on the right was taken at 6.30am on the first morning from Lianne and Gordon's balcony... and the one below is taken from inside their Canadian home. What a view! Lianne says that she never tires of it. It has a calming influence on the most anxious of souls... except when the planes take off on the half hour. Small plane excursions set off to Vancouver or around the glaciers. This will be a must before we go.

Last visit to Whistler was in time for Crankworx, the downhill mountain biking thriller.

This time we arrived in time for Whistler's yoga 4 day festival called Wanderlust. Yoga Canada style!

The village was full of yogis and yoginis in posture and pose and even some free festival concerts to help with the ultimate chillin' experience...

Festival Concert

Andy and Gordon are preparing for the ultimate juicing experience...

Who knew that healthy eating could be so colourful...

and that the taste could be so enjoyable.

Amazing what becoming a Dad can do to the taste buds.

Italian dining
Ultimate experiences have ranged from a visit to the OB (obstetrician) to the ultimate shopping experience at Walmart... and then there was the most perfect of ends to a wonderful week by going to an Italian restaurant. Who knew that my love of Italy was going to follow me to Whistler...

I will be blogging more as the experiences keep coming.

Safe arrival - part deux next week. Lianne has promised an exciting story to tell.

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